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We work in partnership with a different training providers. We are able to recommend these organisations because of their expertise, passion and the quality of service they provide.

The French Academy.lu

french academyCéline Veitmann is the Founder of the French Academy.lu. Her agency offers French language courses mainly to adults and companies in Luxembourg. Their focus is on developing communicative skills to help the learner to feel more comfortable when using French in his/her job and daily life. They provide high quality language classes and training and are passionate about delivering the best services to French language learners! The French Academy.lu considers language training as a great challenge and opportunity to develop both your interpersonal and communicative skills. It is why they are target focused on all areas of the language: listening, speaking, writing, reading and most of all interacting ...They develop innovative and positive approaches and use adapted material, intercultural vision, visual thinking, reflection, intuition and creativity.

To find out more please visit their website - www.french-academy.lu


St Edmund's College Summer School

St Edmund's College Summer School is one of the top British Council Accredited Summer Schools in the UK. It provides 11 to 17 years old with an outstanding English language experience. The curriculum offers a wide variety of activities designed to make the most of an English speaking learning environment. Students participate in a wide range of cultural and educational trips and activities which develop both English and life skills.

We are proud to recommend St Edmund's College Summer School.

Please click here for the prospectus.



We recommend organisations that share our passion and expertise in training.
These organisations innovate in their approach to training. They offer fresh ideas to make the individual learning experience richer. 
Customer service
These organisations deliver excellence in the service they provide their customers. 
These organisations work towards strong values and operate in a highly professional and transparent manner.