Le coin des prépositions

Les prépositions sont difficiles ! La plupart du temps, il faut se poser la question de savoir avec quel verbe, nom ou adjectif, la préposition va de paire. Nous allons vous donner quelques exemples.


Prépositions, argent et tendances

  • Profits increased from 5% in March to 7% in April.
  • We have invested a lot of money into the business.
  • Unemployment decreased by 8% in July.
  • We saved a lot of money on electricity charges by changing to a new supplier.

Verbes utilisés avec 'pour'

  • He apologised for being late. You can also ‘apologise to someone’.
  • applied for the job but I didn’t get it.
  • How do you ask for a coffee in Polish?
  • She spent many years caring for her aged parents.
  • I can’t go out tonight because I have to prepare for my interview tomorrow.

Prépositions pour décrire votre travail

  • I work in the logistics team at …. 
  • I have worked for/at ………for 10 years.
  • I specialise in the quality assurance of….
  • My job focuses on the purchasing of…
  • I need to have a good knowledge of the suppliers. I also need to know about the wider market.

Prépositions pour décrire la gestion

  • A good manager should respond to employees' concerns. 
  • A good manager should deal with problems effectively. 
  • A good manager should believe in the potential of his or her team. 
  • A good manager should delegate to others when appropriate. 
  • A good manger should communicate with colleagues clearly. 
  • A good manager should report on progress regularly. 
  • A good manager should listen to the suggestions of staff. 
  • A good manager should invest in training opportunities for staff. 
  • A good mangaer should provide support to any member of staff who is struggling.

Prépositions pour décrire vos voyages

  • I am away on a business trip for four days.
  • I am travelling to Morocco.
  • I am travelling from Frankfurt.
  • I am travelling with LuxAir.
  • The hotel was in the middle of nowhere.
  • The flight was subject to long delays.
  • All non EU citizens must be in possession of a valid visa on arrival to Heathrow, London.
  • Prior to departure all baggage must be securely stowed (secured) in the overhead compartments.
  • In compliance to local customs you must remove your shoes.
  • In the event of turbulence, you must fasten your seat belt.
  • We will arrive at 16.45.
  • We are being met by our friends at the airport.


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