Your Questions

  1. Q: How do I know my level?
    A: We will conduct an online or face to face test depending on your availability. From this, we can make an accurate assessment of your level.

  2. Q: What does the CEFR stand for? 
    A: The CEFR stands for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.  It is the established system for describing what you can do at each level, in terms of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing in a particular European language. It allows you to plan your language learning and set clear objectives.

  3. Q: Are the CEFR levels recognised by employers, institutes of higher education and universities?
    A: The CEFR levels are widely recognised by employers. However it should be noted that universities also typically require students to pass an internationally recognised English language examination such as IELTS or TOFEL.

  4. Q: How do I decide on the right course for me? 
    A: We conduct a needs analysis with you. This process allows us to determine your objectives and the right course for you.

  5. Q: How do you measure my progress?
    A: We provide honest and constructive feedback through the course. At the end of the ten lessons you are given a profile of your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the course you are given a detailed report on your level against the CEFR together with recommendations for further study.

  6. Q: What should I do if I want to change something about the course? 
    A: Contact us straight away to talk this through. We are responsive to your needs and are confident we can work with you to find a solution.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone on +32 485 333 586. 


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